Water Tight Roofing & Construction has found the Leaftech gutter protection system to be the the most effective gutter protection system on the market. Leaftech keeps natural debris, such as leaves, twigs and pine needles, from blocking your gutters. We have not only found it to be the most effective gutter protection but also the most concealed as it lays flat and fits snugly on top of your gutter and won’t hinder the look or style of your home.

Leaftech’s unique feature consists of a built-in hood and louvers which ends routine gutter cleaning, lowering maintenance costs and hassles! No more dangerous trips up the ladder to clean out your gutters or paying to have someone else do it! Leaftech's protection system allows even the smallest debris to be removed by a gentle breeze.

We are a Leaftech Certified Contractor who will make sure your gutters are free from debris and your guards are installed correctly.

No Impact on the Warranty of Your Roof – Leaftech works with all roofing systems and you don’t have to worry about it voiding your current roof warranty.

Weather Resistant – Leaftech mounts securely to your gutter and resists high wind, heavy snow and ice.

Pest Resistant – As a tough aluminum product, Leaftech is resistant to damage from bugs, squirrels, raccoons and birds.

Have a specific gutter protection system in mind for your roofing project? No problem! Water Tight Roofing & Construction professionals install all major residential and commercial gutter and protection systems. Let us know how we can help! Email or call us (770) 769-5755


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